5 Signs you might have existing Fibrosis after Liposuction

Lymphatic massages

Liposuction can be a transformative experience, helping you achieve your desired body shape. However, like any surgery, it comes with potential complications, like fibrosis.

Be aware of these 5 signs that you might have existing fibrosis after liposuction:

  1. Hardening of the skin: The treated area may feel hard or lumpy to the touch.
  2. Uneven skin: The skin in the treated area may appear bumpy or uneven.
  3. Pain or discomfort: You may experience pain or discomfort in the treated area.
  4. Redness or inflammation: The treated area may appear red or inflamed.
  5. Reduced range of motion: You may experience a reduced range of motion in the treated area.

Don't panic! Early intervention is crucial.

Why Choose B&V After Lipo Care?

At B&V After Lipo Care, we specialize in non-invasive fibrosis treatment, particularly through expert-designed manual lymphatic massage. Our licensed therapists boast extensive experience, setting us apart in the field.

Our gentle yet effective massage techniques aim to:

  • Soften hardened tissue
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote lymphatic drainage
  • Break down scar tissue formation

Results You Can See:

Many clients sees visible impovements within the first sessions. You will reach full results on a avarage of 5-7 theatments. You can see examples of our work in the before and after gallery! 

Take Action Today:

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